Hello world!

I’m just back from holiday and feeling refreshed and full of energy hence this new project.

Things may change, but what I hope to do is share progress on my dolls house (which has stagnated for a while – maybe this blog will give me the push I need) and various other mini projects.  I’ll probably also end up talking about various other crafty things I’m doing (I also dress make, knit very slowly and garden), progress in my Etsy shop and just life in general.


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  1. Hi Sheena
    Its all looking very good. Especially the food in the Etsy Shop. Its making me quite hungry – too near lunchtime! Hope you will get on with your blog faster than I’m doing! Are going to join Jazzi’s Round the World Trip? I’m quite excited at the whole idea. Will keep popping back here, hugs, Annette

    1. Hi Annette
      Thank you! Your blog’s going really well and I can hear you speaking as I read it.
      I’m not going to take part in Jazzi’s Round the World Trip as we’re expecting to be on the move again in the next few months and don’t know when or where to yet:( Hugs, Sheena

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