About me

Hi, my name is Sheena, I’m a Scot and I’m a sewer/sewist and a miniaturist amongst other things.

I’m a bit on the mini side myself as I’m only five feet tall.  I get really fed up not being able to find adult-appropriate clothes in the shops that fit me.  I’ve also worked from home for almost 20 years and had got rather into a trackies-and-tee-shirts rut.  So for the past several years I’ve been making a determined effort to wear “clothes” rather than “scruffs” every day  – hence all the sewing.

My doll’s house is in 1:12 (or 1 inch) scale, it’s set in the Victorian period and is (very) loosely based on different bits of my family history.  It’s also most definitely Scottish!  I’m a maker and bodger rather than a collector.  Favourite makes? Miniature food  and needlework.  Furniture is made from kits as I can’t cut a straight edge in a piece of wood to save my life.  I used to work as a cook in a full size restaurant and still create all my miniature food in my kitchen at home – simply because that’s where the oven is and I don’t want to miss the timer and burn any of my food!

The blog name? Well as I said I’m Scottish,  although I live in England, and still have my accent and use a lot of Scottish expressions. “Tottie” and “wee” are simply Scots words for small – so the name could translate as “small small miniatures” or even just “miniatures, miniatures, miniatures”.

If you want to contact me, you can email me at sheena_at_tottieweeminiatures.co.uk (making the obvious substitution please!)


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