Huge needles + chunky wool = finished jacket!

Brand new jacket!


This is my type of knitting!  It’s the Kim Hargreaves Nat jacket which is knitted in Rowan Big Wool on 10mm needles.  Because you use such big needles and a very chunky yarn, it knits up really quickly.  I bought the wool on 14 September and finished sewing up the jacket on Sunday – after it had lain over the back of my chair for a week waiting for the second sleeve to be sewn in.  By my calculations that’s just three and a half weeks to knit – I normally take about six months to knit anything.

In addition, it’s really warm and the wool is beautifully soft against my skin.

Just the jacket I kneed for our forthcoming move to windy Lincolnshire.


P.S. Don’t ask – I don’t know!  Husband has already started the new job but it depends on when they can find us suitable accommodation.

Historic knitting, sewing and embroidery patterns

I don’t “do” miniature knitting and my real-life knitting is very slow; however, in the States Friday was apparently I Love Yarn day.  To celebrate, Two Nerdy History Girls posted a link to what is possibly the oldest English printed knitting pattern, from 1655, part of a book called Natura Exenterata: or Nature Unbowelled By the most Exquisite Anatomizers of Her.  The book is here and about three pages is is the first pattern To make Network called the Broad Arrow, and the Diamond.


A sewing machine from 1881

That book is on a website called the On-Line Digital Archive of Documents on Weaving and Related Topics and it’s a treasure-trove of historical pictures, books and patterns on all sorts of fabric-related subjects.


A further collection of digitised knitting patterns and images of historic sewing patterns is provided by the the Visual Arts Data Service, part of the University for the Creative Arts based in the south of England.  Part of their collection includes sketchbooks belonging to Victor Stiebel who was an English fashion designer whose clients included Catharine Hepburn, Vivien Leigh and Princess Margaret.

Whatever type of needles you use – enjoy!


I’ve been included in a treasury!

I switched on my computer this morning to discover that one of my new items that I uploaded to my Etsy shop last week has been included in this lovely Halloween treasury created by BarnshopAntiques on Etsy:

[sh-etsy-treasury treasury=”/MTI2OTk4OTh8MjcyMDgxMzUzOQ” size=”medium” columns=”4″ display=”complete”]

What a lovely start to the day!