As if I didn’t have enough projects on the go…

I fell in love with the Unicorn in Captivity tapestry when we saw it in Stirling Castle when we were on holiday and decided I wanted to try to make a miniature version (as you do).

It was easy enough to get an image from the guide book and to scan it into my design program, but that’s where the work started…

Unicorn in Captivity tapestry

The original image from the guide book

First draft of the design

The design so far

Because the background is so busy, the design software did the computer equivalent of blowing me a raspberry and translated all the flower colours into various shades of mud.  So now as well as all the normal tweaking and tidying up I’d expect to do, I’ve got to translate the various different muds into real colours to represent all the different flowers depicted.

The next time I have a bright idea… somebody stop me please!


(P.S. I’m not breaching copyright.  The guidebook was published under the Open Government Licence so I’m free to copy and adapt the image)

Summer holidays

We’ve been back from our summer holidays for a week now so I thought I’d show you something of where we’ve been:

Muir of Dinnet – Aberdeenshire

Burn o, Vat

The Burn o’ Vat “cauldron”

Grey wagtail

where this little grey wagtail had a nest

Burn o' Vat waterfall

the waterfall

Entrance to Burn o' Vat cauldron

and that’s the way in

wild mushrooms

Wild mushrooms!

Loch Kinord

The view over to Loch Kinord

Stirling Castle and the Wallace Monument:

The Great Hall at Stirling Castle

The Great Hall

The Stirling Heads

The Stirling Heads – painted replica heads in the Great Hall

The Stirling Palace Tapestries

The Stirling Palace Tapestries – medieval tapestries re-created specially for the Palace

Campsie Hills from Stirling Castle

Looking over the town of Stirling towards the Campsie Hills from the castle

Stirling Castle from the Wallace Monument

The view of Stirling Castle from the foot of Wallace Monument

The Wallace Monument

Looking up at the Wallace Monument – no, I didn’t climb it – I’ve no head for heights!

You can’t see it from these photos, but it rained or drizzled every single day – typical Scottish weather for July!


My dolls’ house

My computer died on me and I lost most of my older mini pictures last year so I’m going to have to take a lot of new ones.  However, in the mean time, here are some surviving photos of the house and various other bits and pieces:

The outside of the house - brand new

The house as it came fresh from the fair!

The inside of the new house

And here’s the inside of the untouched house

My first attempt at doll-making

My first attempt at doll-making

Second attempt at a doll

Second attempt at a doll

Adam carpet

Something I CAN do! An Adam-style carpet sewn at 22hpi on DMC thread. This was a kit from the Miniature Textiles Company at




Hello world!

I’m just back from holiday and feeling refreshed and full of energy hence this new project.

Things may change, but what I hope to do is share progress on my dolls house (which has stagnated for a while – maybe this blog will give me the push I need) and various other mini projects.  I’ll probably also end up talking about various other crafty things I’m doing (I also dress make, knit very slowly and garden), progress in my Etsy shop and just life in general.