Emergency evening dress – day 4

Well that wasn’t too bad!


V2962 almost complete

V2962 almost complete


I’d been dreading trying to gather the skirt for this dress but thanks to a combination of the instructions (they have you gather each of the four skirt panels separately) and Winnie’s dental floss trick that I mentioned yesterday, the skirt went in really easily.  So much so that I’ve even tacked the zip in to check the fit.

V2962 with the zip tacked in

V2962 with the zip tacked in

I’ll need to be more careful when I sew the zip in tomorrow.

Today’s work also involved some of this:

Old fashioned starch

Old fashioned starch


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Hello world!

I’m just back from holiday and feeling refreshed and full of energy hence this new project.

Things may change, but what I hope to do is share progress on my dolls house (which has stagnated for a while – maybe this blog will give me the push I need) and various other mini projects.  I’ll probably also end up talking about various other crafty things I’m doing (I also dress make, knit very slowly and garden), progress in my Etsy shop and just life in general.