Emergency Evening Dress – day 3

Now it’s time to start making the dress.

I trimmed the lining for the drapes slightly to make sure it wouldn’t peek out and then attached the lining to the drapes & under-stitched as much as I could.  I interfaced the midriff fabric to give it some body as there’s a lot of skirt for it to hold up.

When I was gathering the dress fabric for the drape there were real problems trying to pull the gathering thread as it kept catching on the metallic threads in my fabric.  I eventually used Scruffy Badger’s dental floss method which worked brilliantly – and she’s right about the smell too!

There was one near disaster – I couldn’t work out why the notches and dots weren’t matching when pinning the drape to the midriff.  I’d been trying to attach the drape to the waist edge rather than the top of the midriff piece.  Full of confidence I then sewed the midriff lining together & managed to attach the right back to the left front and the left back to the right front – stitch unpicker to the rescue.

Once the top edges of the midriff were understitched and the raw edges overlocked to tidy the edges & reduce bulk the bodice is now finished!

V2962 bodice completed
V2962 bodice completed


Tomorrow I’ve got to fight with the skirt.

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