Eek… Emergency evening dress needed!

Monday evening my husband tells me that we’re going to a summer ball next Friday (11 July) – it’s not a total surprise, I knew it was on the cards, but other things have been taking my attention.  On Tuesday I thought I’d better find my evening dress and check that it fits and doesn’t need cleaning.

That’s where the first eek! comes in.  It’s over four years since I last wore it and I’ve put on weight since then – it doesn’t fit!  It won’t even do up and there’s not enough fabric (or too much of me) to let it out!

I’ve now got just over a week to find a pattern and material for a long evening dress and make the thing – and it’s got to be a long dress, it’s that kind of do.

Cue an evening’s pattern searching online.  I eventually found this:

Vogue 8574

Vogue 8574 described as

Slightly flared, mid-knee or evening length dress has close-fitting, lined sleeveless bodice, neck band, raised waist seam, front and back pleats, side seam pockets and back zipper.

It’s a Very Easy Vogue, there’s nothing particularly complicated and it’s got pockets… I just feel a bit meh about it.

Shopping day tomorrow.

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