Maybe I should just rename this the Twice a Year blog…..

What can I say… life, work, dissertation (I passed!!), house move (we’re now in Bristol)… but there has been some sewing:

really chuffed with this topstitching
really chuffed with this topstitching

my first fly zip

love the pocket lining

Do you know what it is yet?

Yup, it’s the Grainline Studio Moss Skirt

I really need to do something about my expression in photos…

although my version isn’t quite a mini.  I used some black denim from The Nylon Shop in Bristol (getting my priorities right when exploring a new town) and made a standard size 6 but added 4 inches to the length.  I was a bit worried about the fly zip as it’s the first time I’ve inserted one but Jen’s photo tutorial made it really easy.

Kathryn’s Twenty Top Tips for Topstitching really helped as well.

Double topstitching! (please excuse the cat hair)

The only things I’d add are that I used my practice scrap behind my presser foot to keep it level when sewing over seams and I used the edge stitch foot that came with my machine (like this) to keep the stitching line even.

The top is another me-made based on the SBCC Tonic T-shirt pattern (a free download) which I converted to long sleeves using Jen’s long-sleeved scout variation tutorial.  The collar is a narrower version of the collar from V8597 (several unblogged versions of this also made) and the fabric is a cotton/lycra jersey from Fabricland (yes, we’ve got a Fabricland shop in Bristol!)

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